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We would like to share another Purple Plunge Spotlight!

This spotlight will be a little different as they have chosen to remain anonymous for personal reasons. We at the Purple Plunge are honored to share these stories with our community to show you how our organization can make an impact. Here is their story:

"Our family is so incredibly grateful for the help the purple plunge was able to give my sister last spring when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. My sister has dealt with bipolar disorder most of her life and has not been able to work consistently due to the nature of her illness. When she received the diagnosis of breast cancer, her mental illness worsened with all the stress and it was incredibly stressful for her immediate and extended family. There were so many concerns on many levels, but there was also the major financial stress of her not working and all the bills piling up. The help that Purple Plunge gave was so amazing. Her and her husband were able to pay some of their outstanding bills and she was able to get through her surgery and radiation without as much financial stress. Dealing with Purple Plunge was such a personal experience as well. Barry called right away and I learned of the background of Purple Plunge. It is obvious that this organization is an important part of his wife's legacy. Thank you Barry and Purple Plunge for helping your local community when times are hard! Your work is so important!"

Thank you to all of our donors, sponsors, and plungers, your involvement and donations is what keeps the Purple Plunge going, and allows us to make differences in peoples lives. Let's set a new record in 2019! 

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