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Frank Family

The Purple Plunge family would like to share another Purple Plunge Spotlight!  This week our story comes from the Frank Family:

"In August 2017, our son, Justin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was only a week into his 8th grade school year, and it came as a huge shock to us. Immediately, Justin underwent a procedure to relieve the hydrocephalus, and also a biopsy of the tumor. He then endured 4 rounds of chemo at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, followed by 20 proton radiation treatments at the Northwestern Proton Center in Warrenville. Justin was out of school for most of his treatment time. In addition, I had to take many days off of work to care for him & take him for his appointments and treatments. Purple Plunge was a huge blessing to our family. We were awarded a grant that covered the costs of gas for driving down to the Proton Center, and also helped with some other expenses related to his treatment. Justin finished his treatment in February, and is doing well. He continues to have scans & follow up appointments every 3 months. He is now a freshman at Wauconda High School, and participates in marching band. He is looking forward to playing baseball in the spring, as well. Barry, Paul, and their organization are true angels here on earth. We are so thankful to Purple Plunge for supporting us in our time of need, and our goal is to "pay it forward" however we are able."

Thank you to the Frank Family for sharing your story. Justin's bravery is not only amazing, but inspiring. If you or someone you know is impacted by Cancer, consider visiting our website: for more information on how we can help. Community is stronger than Cancer!

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