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Tim Byrd

The Purple Plunge family would like to share the very first Recipient Spotlight Story! With over 37 families helped, there will be plenty more stories to come. Our first spotlight story comes to us from Kathy Srednicki, brother or recipient Tim Byrd. Here is Kathy's letter to the Purple Plunge family;

"Hi my name is Kathy and I want to commend Barry, his family and all others who are affiliated with the purple plunge in lake Zurich . A little over a year ago my youngest brother Tim Byrd was diagnosed with AML leukemia and was overwhelmed since he had already been fighting brain cancer and multiple surgeries for 10 years. This was the ultimate fight which he sadly lost in late April 2018 when he passed away after a fight with bone marrow transplant , suffered from side affects of rejection and ultimately reoccurring leukemia . When orchard meats owner where he and friends purchased steaks and other stuff told Tim he should apply for the polar plunge to help him with expenses he struggled with ,he asked me to write a letter to apply. Your group so graciously approved and Tim was awarded some badly needed funds to get things to make him comfortable during his fight! You have no idea how much this helped him for the 1 year he survived ! I am eternally grateful for this and wanted to Thank You for your help . What you do is amazing and with not much help out there this really was empowering for Tim.

Please Thank your team of angels on earth!


Kathy Srednicki ( Tim Byrd’s sister )"

Kathy's letter is a wonderful testament to all the amazing, great, and caring actions the Purple Plunge can take with support from the community. Community is Stronger than Cancer!!

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