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About Us

Purple Plunge is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit cancer charity dedicated to making an impact in our community by plunging into icy cold Lake Zurich.


Our Mission:
The Purple Plunge's goal is to provide financial assistance to those individuals and their families battling cancer to offset day to day living expenses. We can assist with the incidentals such as gas money, childcare, and groceries to name a few.

Our fundraising events will include, but not limited to, the Purple Plunge where participants will sign up to plunge into ice cold water and raise money individually or as a team to provide aid and support to cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers.

Why Purple?
The color Purple represents all types of cancer. The Purple hue on the skin of plungers is a reminder of the suffering that cancer causes not only to those diagnosed, but their caregivers, family, and friends. Purple has always represented power and it is the Power of Community is what will let those fighting cancer take back their lives and focus on healing.

Purple Plunge History

It all started with a far-fetched idea that people would love to jump in the ice-cold water of Lake Zurich and raise money to fight cancer. A group of volunteers and key members of the community worked together to make the 1st Annual Purple Plunge a reality on March 15th, 2014. On that day 50 brave souls took the Plunge into Lake Zurich through more than 2 ft. of ice and raised over $11,000 for American Cancer Society. Since the success of the 1st Annual Purple Plunge, the event has grown to over 300 plungers and raised over $100,000 last year!

For the past 3 years of the Purple Plunge we would hear from participants, donors, and sponsors that they love the local feel and involvement from the entire community. Purple Plunge has been about local community from the beginning. It was because of the feedback we received and the generosity that was shown towards local cancer survivors that has guided Purple Plunge’s decision to keep the fundraising local and give back to those in our community that are fighting cancer.


In 2016 Purple Plunge incorporated and received their 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity status so we can drive our mission home. The 4th Annual Purple Plunge will be the first year that the money raised will make an immediate impact on those fighting cancers most in need of support in our community.


Purple Plunge is proud to make a real difference and strives to make each year better. Without the support from Family, Friends, Local Businesses, and the entire Community we would not be where we are today. Thank you!​

Our Board Members

Paul Hunt (President), Barry Bordenave (Vice-President) , Danielle Montemayor (Treasurer), Jeri Shadrick (Secretary), Joe Bordenave (Director), Kari Hunt (Director), Linda Poll (Director), Sue Mock (Director), Andrew Epstein (Director)

We are committed to making certain that the funds we raise are dedicated in a manner that makes the greatest positive impact for cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers.  Board Meeting minutes are available upon request.

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